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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 22, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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>> you know, i married a woman too. >> oh, god. this couldn't be going better. i love this. craig: hey, you're dealing with stattler and waldorf from the muppets. >> this is exactly how i want this to go. you know what, later, could i come over and interview you guys? craig: come on over right now! [applause] >> what's up, guys? how are you doing, buddy? craig: sit down. it down. >> i think i was in her act and she didn't know i was going to be here tonight. >> actually -- actually i wrote in a joke about you having a denim shirt and when you walked in you walked in with a denim. i can keep it. on the late night debut. craig: you actually screwed her up by not wearing denim. that's another thing you done to young comedians. [applause]
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>> i feel like -- i feel like i had other punchlines but this is better. craig: you'll be on tv a lot. i'm going to get fired. he's already fired. >> you're the future. you're the future. white men are on their way out! lesbians rule! craig: jay leno and cameron esposito. we'll see you later, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get right to christin ayers in . breaking news. less than an hour ago we got the word, the b.a.r.t. strike is over. >> and finally, some good news. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials and unions coming out of these doors just about an hour ago to make that announcement. they say they came to a tentative agreement about an hour ago. they came out and announced that. that means the trains had be running at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. service will not be at full capacity. b.a.r.t. officials say it had be a little "raggedy." neither the unions or b.a.r.t. would discuss precisely what kinds of agreement they reached in this settle. that information is expected to come later.
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but we heard from the lieutenant governor who sat in on talks today. he was not happy with how far this disagreement went. >> this has been an extraordinary difficult weekend for everybody. this is a reminder that this is about people and a lot of people's lives have been impacted by what's happened. so on behalf of all of us in this region we're grateful we're here, but mark my word, if there's any lesson learned, it's that this can never happen again. >> reporter: so what happens from here: the unions will have to take the details of the settlement back to their members and the members will have to vote on the settlement. b.a.r.t. officials telling us tonight that could take up to a week before we know. but again, that still means that the trains will be up and running at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> and the strike is officially over as of right now. thanks. traffic was horrible all day
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especially in downtown san fransisco. >> we're at the bridge entrance now. we would have been here sooner but i stopped to get a cup of coffee. we were racing the mobile weather lab. i just checked in with alex montano. he's at california street. that's six blocks. he has gone six blocks in about 50 minutes. i was here half an hour ago. >> it wasn't any better for people who took the bus or at least tried to this morning. a lot of people near this walnut creek station woke up extra early, waited in long lines for a shuttle only to be turned away. let's hope it's better tomorrow. let's take a closer look at what exactly happened right before this weekend's deadly b.a.r.t. accident. >> reporter: ntsb investigators spent the day out here at the crash scene. what they're telling us that even though the train was in an
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automatic pilot that there was someone in the cab by themselves, and that that person was an employee who was being trained at the time because of the strike. >> we'll look at training procedures, past training, 72 hour history of everybody involved. we won't leave any stone unturned. >> reporter: they spent eight to ten hours interviewing employees and learned more about the train wreck. six employees were on board the train for a training session. investigators say one of the trainees was in the cab operating the train at the time it ran over the two men on the track. contractor lawrence daniels and b.a.r.t. engineer chris sheppard. before the crash there was an announcement on the b.a.r.t. radios warning that employees were on the track. >> we have personnel there. >> reporter: was that message received by the trainee who was
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operating the train. >> the preliminary information, yes, there was an announcement and yes he was aware there were people on the track. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. uses a procedure called a simple approval. it requires any workers who are working on the tracks to use a lookout and keep an eye out for themselves whether any trains are approaching. the ntsb reports the train did honk its horn as it approached the men at 60 to 70 miles an hour. it is not cheer how much time that gave -- cheer how much time that gave the victims to react. take a look with me through the fence. are's seeing a 15 foot embankment and the tracks are at the top and standing out here you can hs see this is -- also see this is a hong straightaway so it -- long straightaway so it begs the question if the employees saw or heard the train coming why they weren't able to dive off the tracks in time so the ntsb is going to be out here doing a reenactment to see if
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line of sight was a problem or perhaps the brakes of the train were a problem. . we could know by wednesday whether the governor will order a 60 day cooling off period to stall an ac transit strike. union workers have rejected their hast two contract offers over wage and benefit issues. they took their case to state appointed panel today. the panel will report its findings to the governor this week. a 3.8 mile natural gas pipeline in san carlos will soon reopen this time at reduced pressure. line 147 was shut down october 7th after internal pg&e e-mails raced concerns about its safety -- raised concerns about its safety. a judge game pg&e the okay to reconnect it today. president obama pretty blunt today talking with what's going wrong with the health care rollout. >> nobody isn't madder than me
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that the website isn't working as well as it should which means it had get fixed. >> i.t. experts are working on repairs but won't give a date when the site will be fully up to speed. the botched rollout has been an embarrassment. >> send air force one out to silicon valley, bring smart people back to washington and fix the problem. >> nearly half a million americans have filled out applications but the white house won't say how many were able to select a health insurance plan. this was designed by a canadian company and not enough testing was done before the rollout. a pregnant woman standing behind him almost fainted. >> i got you. you're okay. this happens when i talk too hong. [ laughter ]. >> carmel alison was quickly
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escorted off the stage and treated by a white house physician. another shooting at a school leaves two dead and two wounded tonight. this one happened at sparks middle school in nevada just outside reno. police say a student opened fire on a teacher and two other kids before then taking his own life. we have more on the teacher who stepped in and now is being hailed a hero tonight. >> reporter: the shooting was fast, furious, and frightening. authorities athe teen shooter used a handgun from his parents' home. he opened gunfire just before classes started. >> the best description was chaos. the kids were running out, scared and freaked out. i don't know if he was targeting specific people or going on an indiscriminant shooting spree. >> i saw people running. >> reporter: officers arrived in three minutes but it was all over. michael landsberry approached the boy and told him to lower
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his weapon. he teenager fired into his chest. >> we don't know everything he was doing but he was trying to intervene. >> reporter: landsberry was an international guard veteran who served in afghanistan. he was a popular coach for the school soccer team. players say they rubbed his bald head for good luck. >> he was an amazing teacher to me. he was, like a hero to me. >> reporter: two other students were shot and have nonlife threatening injuries. 200 law enforcement officers secured the campus and rattled parents came to pick up children. >> there was pure fear in the children's eyes. >> it's scary not to feel safe. >> reporter: the school will be closed for counselling and the investigation for the next week. there are 30 witnesses to interview and video to look at while they try to figure out the motive. a gunman shot and killed a man in front of his 15-year-old
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son. today police say the suspects lured the two to the south l.a. neighborhood with a craigslist ad promising cell phones for sale. >> he feels guilty because his dad passed away. >> the killers are still on the loose. detectives are scouring for video and asking neighbors to step forward. two of the country's most notorious fugitives are back behind bars tonight. witnesses captured this cell phone video of u.s. marshals raiding a hotel room this weekend. they recaptured two criminals who forged their release papers. . the tablet war is heating up for apple and microsoft. we'll show you what you really get for your money. another strange sea creature washes ashore in california.
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that huge sigh of relief fr
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bart riders everywhere. . want to go back to downtown oakland. that huge sigh of relief from b.a.r.t. riders every. >> reporter: you think to think people are breathing a sigh of relief after hearing the b.a.r.t. strike is over and train service will be back up and running at 4:00 tomorrow morning. b.a.r.t. union officials and management emerging from a meeting saying they have an agreement. it has to be voted on before it becomes official but the trains will be running tomorrow. we were warned that train service will be a little, we were told "raggedy" but it will be at full capacity by tomorrow afternoon and completely up and running by the evening commute. b.a.r.t. service back in effect, the b.a.r.t. strike is now over.
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>> big sigh of relief for everyone. so this is video you have to see to believe. a woman sleep walks right on to the subway tracks. down she goes. no idea. it happened in boston. the woman fell asleep on a bench, got up and wandered off the platform. within seconds other riders were able to pull her out. the tablet war is about to get even hotter with new releases in just a few hours. what are you getting for your money? >> reporter: let me tell you, i bought this ipad six months ago and by this time tomorrow it will be old news. the tablet wars are heating up. 65 days left until christmas and things are getting interesting. a faster chip, thinner design,
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some rounded corners it might also be fingerprint i.d.. we still have a lot to cover. >> apple hasn't changed the smart cover in two years. they basically came out with the ipad2. so we're expecting new colors. not the same distance that microsoft did adding things like a battery, keyboard, things that make it more of a laptop. >> reporter: microsoft is launching the surface 2 tomorrow. it features a dedicated stand with optional attaching keyboard and track bad. it has a u.s. b shot and mini hdmi. and for some users this, is a big deal. microsoft excel, word, and the rest of the office suite comes free. >> i work, so there's excel spreadsheet there i can use. an ipad you don't have those options. >> reporter: apple is still the dominant tablet but in a year
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and a half samsung's galaxy tablet, the vivo tab and the microsoft surface 2 have eroded apple's lead. and so amazing how a year and a half makes a huge difference in the tablet market. apple had a 71% market share at beginning of 2012 but dropped down this year. so from the consumer's perfective, that's a good thing. >> lots of choices out this. >> reporter: yeah. the microsoft surface 2 starts at $450. we don't know how much the new ipad is, we'll find out tomorrow. burglars made a clean getaway with $100,000 worth of
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merchandise from this yves st. laurent. they made off with clothing shoes and hand bags. a mystery child found in a gypsy camp has triggered a worldwide investigation. police in greece found this five or 6-year-old girl known as maria during a drug raid. they believe she may have been kidnapped by the people who claimed to be her adoptive parents, possibly to claim benefits. >> find better price because they were using this little girl in the streets to beg because she was blond. >> if maria was abducted it could have been years ago. this home video found in the gypsy community appears to show her as a toddler. giant oar fish have been washing up on the california shoreline later.
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dozens beached themselves before the devastating earthquake in japan. >> reporter: many of us have never heard of this creature before this oar fish was found off catalina island recently. five days later another oar fish was found, this one in oceanside. >> probably a coincidence. >> reporter: rick sweeney has been studying fish. >> there vent been a lot of oar fish caught. >> reporter: these unusual looking fish are known to wash ashore during storms. >> we think they come inshore to district attorney die because they're in distress but we don't know what the reason is. >> reporter: it could be they were starving or disoriented. there are those who wonder if this is a precursor to an earthquake. 20 oar fish stranded themselves on japanese beaches before the earthquake in 2011. >> i would think there's no relation because they're so far
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apart. >> reporter: we'll be watching. >> you think that oar fish is scary, imagine seeing this as you're trying to walk into your local wal-mart. a six foot long alligator showed up at a wal-mart in florida yesterday. it's a gator, don't step on him. eventually it wandered back to nearby water and said i'll pass on the socks today. >> things we don't have here in the bay area. we don't have alligators roaming around wal-mart. >> just some oar fish. >> one or two. >> we're lucky. >> no oar fish, no alligators, done. story over. fog is back, and we're looking live at the golden gate where the fog rolled in at 4:00 spreading throughout san fransisco bay. prepare yourself, it's cloudy or foggy start if you live near the water. earlier tonight caught a great
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shot of the waning moon. you're not going to have a view of the moon in the city if you even have one right now. that said, zero rainfall. "o" for october. coming up dry again. and this has been a trend this year. hess than 4 inches of rainfall in san fransisco for the entire year. the record we're chasing is 1976 and through october of that year we had 5.5 inches of rain. no rain tomorrow, no rain on wednesday. we had have fog, though. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. high of 77 wednesday. a high of 75. a blocking ridge of high pressure will be with us for another week. going to move a little bit but not moving that much over the next few days. taking any storm that wants to roll into the eastern pacific and sending it up to alaska and northern british columbia. nowhere close to us. it will shied off to the east a little -- slide off to the east
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a little bit. low pressure area will stay off-shore. more in cloud cover and cooler weather but zero rainfall. morning fog back tomorrow, afternoons will be sunny, except right at the coast. rainfall is going to stay off-shore. san jose tomorrow, 78, sunnyvale, 76. 66 in the city tomorrow. another chilly one with a foggy start. your extended forecast, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, cooler starting friday, cloudier, but no rainfall for each of i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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kanye dropped to one knee at . a very romantic night here
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. i got a joke for ken. we're going to start. why do sharks fans drink only from a saucer? >> because they don't have hands. >> no. because. >> they have fins. >> because detroit has all the cups. but that could be about to change because the way the sharks got out of the gate this season, they look like stanley cup material. goalie looking good. hamilton spinning shot, one of 27 shots. brendon smith's shot off the pole. he saved 24. scoreless until the shootout. logan kature. the sharks win. they have not lost a game in regulation. how about that? there is no way that jim harbaugh wanted to be any part
2:07 am
of 11,000 mile road trip. but when he found out his team was planning the winless jaguars in london this. is his reaction. >> yeah, baby! >> today in london they touched down at 5 a.m. pacific time. they traded one football for another with the hotspurs which is part of a community event. it might be the only fun they have. >> it had be a normal week for us. no sight seeing. >> no big ben, no queen's guard, no london bridge, nothing? >> i heard we might, when we move from our first hotel to the second hotel tonight before the game we may drive by buckingham palace and over london bridge. that's the extent of our bridge. >> josh freeman was horrible in his monday night debut. new york giants looking for their first win. 24-yard touchdown, both teams are combined 2-11 this season.
2:08 am
that's two games better than the jaguars. >> yeah, baby. >> panthers wide receiver had a touchdown. smith starts the talk. >> he thinks he's dion, he's not. he can take his [ bleep ] back to st. louis because i don't play games. if i see him in the street i'm going to bust him in his [ bleep ] mouth. >> kasami set up this goal off ace chest. >> they have all the cups. >> he got more mail than he bargained for. that's rough. check out vikings defensive end gerald allen bringing down manning with one hand that.
2:09 am
that guy is local. >> look at the pad save. steals the win for the sharks. 8-0-1. >> great night. >> and the b.a.r.t. strike is over. >> and,,,,,,,,,,
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